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Jquery V1.4+ Download

Current version 1.1.1

  • For production (Minified and Gzipped)
  • For development (Uncompressed Code)
  • Download from Github


  • 26 - Nov - 2010
    • Release of the first stable version
  • 19 - Oct - 2012
    • Release of 1.1.1 version:
      1. Bugfixes
      2. continuousIndex option: Continuity of index is controlled by new option property called continuousIndex
      3. When set to true, forms are indexed continuous starting from 0, when false - indexing works like in the original way
      4. Added two callbacks afertRemove, beforeRemove and afterFill


  • Configuration option that allows setting the delete confirmation forms that have only some field data
  • Visual effects when erasing or adding forms so as to improve the usability
  • Add a checkbox to each clone and customize the button "remove all" to allow only delete the selected items
  • Erased Program: The clone is not erased from the form but is "marked to delete" to allow the user to undo the operation